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Delivering an Elevated Dining Experience

We eat meals three times a day. These are the finishing touches that the subconscious doesn’t forget. Do it for yourself. Do it for your guests. Take your dining to the next level.

The Van Gogh Plate is our newest and most captivating plate. Each style offers a subtle landscape design, expressing the untapped visual prowess of this world. You'll be left gazing into your plate after you've finished your delicious meal.

Combine your purchase of the Van Gogh Plate with our exquisite cutlery to enhance the experience!

Specifications: Made of fine Porcelain

Gilded Border
Available in 4 unique styles (Purple Rain, Teal Dream, Blue Coast, Orange Exposure)
The 2 Pc Set is a combo of 1 x 8 inch plate & 1 x 10 inch plate in any one of the four styles.

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