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 Your elegant entree should be served with a touch of class!

We eat meals three times a day. These are the finishing touches that the subconscious doesn’t forget. Do it for yourself. Do it for your guests. Take your dining to the next level.

Cooking a fancy a meal must be coupled with the presentation, and presenting your dishes in such a manner will leave your guests in awe.

Specifications: Made from Porcelain 
Available in nine different sizes
Option A  (11.9cm x 24cm), Option B (14.7cm x 40cm), Option C (14.8cm x 44.3cm), Option  D (16cm x 25cm), Option E (25.2cm x 35.8cm), Option F (Diameter 20cm), Option G (Diameter 26cm), Option H (15.5cm x 25.4cm) & Option I (19.5cm x 32cm)
Available in two different styles (Black Thunder & White Thunder)
Do not use in Microwave

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