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Ultra-modern European flatware

Sculpturally brushed heads to create a slender and smooth finish makes the French flatware the most lovely addition to your dining experience.


A slim and beautifully curved shaped utensils set that’s a must have for every modern contemporary home. With bewitching colours like black and gold, the French Cutlery Set with its plated stainless-steel construction is also dishwasher safe and never needs polishing. Keeping it looking sleek and fabulous all year long.

The French Cutlery Set comes in a beautiful mirror finish!

Specifications: 100% Plated Stainless Steel
Available in 4 unique styles (Black, White, Pink & Blue)
The 4 Pc Set comes with: 1 x tablespoon, 1 x teaspoon, 1 x fork & 1 x knife
The 24 Pc Case comes with: 6 x tablespoons, 6 x teaspoons, 6 x forks & 6 x knives
Do not use in Microwave

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