Casper goose down duvet

Casper goose down duvet

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We believe this incredible duvet is the perfect choice for those who want the very best. It’s filled with 85% luxuriously soft goose down and 15% plump goose feather, which makes it feel wonderfully light and comfortable to sleep beneath. The ultimate choice for the duvet connoisseur, this beautiful cocooning design really is worth every penny.

Kindly check the measurement details below and be sure that they will fit the bed you are purchasing this item for.

      Feature & Details

    •  The cover of our comforter is made of 100% natural cotton fabric which makes it soft and breathable
    • Elegant box stitching style that prevents the filling from shifting and piping with four corner tabs to anchor the duvet cover
    • Filled with 85% White goose down and 15% feathers
    • Down Proof is actually a misnomer. A down cluster will not leak through fabric. It is the tiny pieces of broken down clusters, known as "fiber" and feathers with their sharp pointy ends that will inexorably work their way through the fabric and into your space.  So, "fiber proof" or "feather proof" might be a more appropriate description, except for the fact that there is no fabric that is 100% fiber or feather proof
    • Machine wash and tumble dry, but for the best results professional laundering is recommended


      Certification: OEKO - TEKOX, BSCI, R.D.S, PASS DOWN 
      Size : 150 x 200cm, 180 x 220cm, 200 x 230cm

      Inner Filling: Goose Down Filling 
      Outer fabric: Cotton fabric
      Filling Type: Box Style Filling
      Thread Count: 500TC
      Fabric Count: 60
      Season: Winter
      Filling: White Goose Down

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