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Your eyes aren't deceiving you: These are real-life levitating planters! And just like in the classic magic trick, while they're hovering in midair, you can quickly sweep your finger between the planter and platform—or even give them a gentle spin.

The secret is in the age-old technology of magnets. If you remember from grade school, when both north pole ends of two magnets face each other, there’s a strong magnetic repulsion. The platform and pot are essentially both north poles, and that’s how the planter stays afloat. Neat, right?


We give you one year warranty on our Levitating Plant! If the levitation mechanism or fan breaks down through no fault of your own, we will replace your Levitating Plant immediately.
Specifications: Crafted from the best wood
Base Size: 13.4*13.4*2,8 cm/5.3*5.3*1,1 inch
Pot Size: 9*9*5cm/3.5*3.5*2 inch
Available in two unique styles (Wallnut & Ash)
Available in four different plug types (US, UK, AU and EU)
Package Includes: 1 x flower pot, 1 x base plate & 1 x charging cable 

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