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Feel the Comfort of sleeping-on-a-cloud softness.

These blissful Goose Down pillows are perfect balance of being lovely and soft. Filled with the finest and largest goose-down clusters and featuring a clever feather-rich inner core, this great-value pillow comfortably adapts to the weight of your head and helps to stimulate airflow for a perfect night’s sleep. The envelope is made of 85%  White Goose Down &15% Feather  for ultimate comfort. Wake up feeling rested and ready for the day ahead.

Kindly check the measurement details below and be sure that they will fit the bed you are purchasing this item for.

Features & Details

  • Down Proof is actually a misnomer.  A down cluster will not leak through fabric.  It is the tiny pieces of broken down clusters, known as "fiber", and feathers with their sharp pointy ends that will inexorably work their way through the fabric and into your space.  
  • Goose Down is our most luxurious filling and feels supremely light and lofty; the higher the down percentage, the softer and plumper the pillow will feel
  • Machine wash and tumble dry, but for the best results professional laundering is recommended
  • Our down feather pillows are filled with 85% Goose feathers & 15% Goose down, Comfortable, dry, breathable pillows are your best choice to solve backache and insomnia.
  • OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certified. DOWNPASS audited, we guarantee non living- plucking, non cage-rearing and force-feeding, all the down and feathers are sourced from the food industry.

        Certification: OEKO - TEKOX, BSCI, R.D.S, PASS DOWN 
        Specification: 1 x Pillow
        Size : 48 x 74cm 
         Filling Weight : 1000g
        Cover Material: Down Proof Cotton 
        Inner Material: White Goose Down
        Thread Count: 300TC 
        Fabric Count: 60
        Gradegrade A 
        Season: Suitable for all seasons
        Shape: Bread Rectangular Shape
        Feature: Anti Static, Anti - Apnea, Therapy


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